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ECG Competency Exam

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ECG Competency Interpretation

Frequently Asked Questions About the Exam

  1. Does the exam come with explained answers? ANSWER: Yes. Each question in this DEMO (and each question on all Practice Exams on our actual site) comes with a detailed explained answer plus link to a mini-didactic pdf with further discussion on the subject area of the question asked.
  2. Can the answers to each question be immediately accessed, or do you have to complete an exam to see all of the answers? ANSWER: Answers can be immediately obtained after any question by clicking the GRADE EXAM button at the top of the page. However, all the questions to a particular exam will be answered at the same time when doing this. To eliminate the answers, push the UNGRADE EXAM button at the top of the page. The answers will disappear but your prior choices will not. To eliminate the answers and your choices see the next question.
  3. Can the exams be taken only once or many times? ANSWER: This DEMO Exam (as well as all of our Practice Exams on our actual web site) may be taken as often as you wish. To eliminate your prior choices – Simply click on the CLEAR MY ANSWERS button at the top of the page. (NOTE: Real Exams for an actual grade differ from this Demo and the Practice Exams in that they can only be taken once – and explained answers are not provided.)

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Overview of Clinical ECG Content Covered:

The figures and questions on the Practice and Real Exams have been developed by Dr. Ken Grauer with the goal of representing an assessment of the essential areas of clinical ECG interpretation by the primary care clinician. The following is a list of the major Content Categories that are tested: