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ECG Competency Exam

Instructions for Taking the ECG DEMO Exam

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We offer a 10-question ECG DEMO Exam as an illustrative sampling of the format of our Practice and Real ECG Exams. Questions in this Demo have been selected directly from our Practice Exams. Like the Practice Exams – each question is accompanied by a detailed explained answer with link to mini-didactic pdf.

GRADE Button

Click the GRADE BUTTON at any time to see detailed explained answers to each question. You may decide to “grade” yourself after only 1 or 2 questions (to see the explained answers immediately) - OR - after completing the entire 10-question DEMO (to see your total score).


You may click the UNGRADE BUTTON at any time while you are taking the Demo. Doing so clears your grade and allows you to finish the Demo without seeing the detailed explained answers. You can "grade" and "ungrade" the Demo as often as you like.


You can click the CLEAR MY ANSWERS button. My system will ask, “ARE YOU SURE?” Clicking on OK clears your answers from the Demo, thus allowing you start over and retake this 10-question exam.


There are a total of 10 questions in the Demo - whereas each Practice and Real Exam has 35 questions. Like the Practice Exams - the DEMO has detailed explained answers with short pdf didactic links; whereas the Real Exams are graded for a score and therefore do not have explained answers. The 10 questions in the Demo are identical in format to questions in the Practice and Real Exams.

DISCLAIMER: Designation of a "passing" or "not passing" score on these exams is based on the opinion of the developer as to what should constitute a minimal level of competency in ECG interpretation in the area of primary care. This is NOT an official designation.

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