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Welcome to the DEMO Page of Dr. Ken Grauer's ECG Competency Assessment Site. Unique features of ECG Competency are described below.

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All questions and images are copyright © by Dr. Ken Grauer and may not be used for any purpose except for practice, study and taking the tests on this website.

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NOTE: there are a total of 10 questions in the Demo - whereas each Practice and Real Exam has 35 questions. Like the Practice Exams - the DEMO has detailed explained answers with short pdf didactic links; whereas the Real Exams are graded for a score and therefore do not have explained answers.

Unique Features of ECG Competency

Enough said. The best way to get a “feel” for the power of ECG Competency as an assessment and educational tool is to sample the short series of questions that we provide in our DEMO.

I hope my ECG Competency DEMO Assessment Site is of interest to you! I welcome your feedback.


Ken Grauer, MD (

PRICING: For Individual or Group Subscriptions

Registration for authorized use of all material on the ECG Competency web site is by subscription only. Group discount rates are available for family medicine residency programs and other groups enrolling 8 or more participants in the program. Pricing for access to all material on this web site for the 3-year duration of residency training (or comparable interval if the user is not in residency) is as follows:

Once you have subscribed – you will receive your password for access to ECG Competency.

For groups – the designated Group Director will receive access to the scores on any Real Exams taken by all users in their group. Restudy and retaking of another Real Exam can then be assigned by the Group Director for any user with a suboptimal score on their initial attempt.

Suggested SCORING:

Each Practice and each REAL Exam consists of 35 Questions. A score of 80% (= 28/35 correct answers) has been deemed a PASSING Grade for family medicine residents by the developer of ECG Competency.


Designation of a "passing" or "not passing" score on the exams in ECG Competency is based on the opinion of the developer as to what should constitute a minimal level of competency in ECG interpretation in the area of primary care. This is NOT an official designation.